Hippie Stoner Clothes

The Hippie Stoner Clothes

Hippie Stoner Clothes

Hippie Stoner Clothes: The Beat generation gave birth to hippies (from hipster). Rebelling against a conformist and authoritarian society, they sought freedom and nature.

Hippie Styling

Hippie Stoner Clothes: Loose hippie clothes were made of cotton and hemp. Men and women grew long hair without products or grooming (although, contrary to popular belief, they still did shampoo). Beatniks’ black turtlenecks and pants became peasant blouses and denim. Sewn, knit, or macramé items were valued. Tie-dye became fashionable as people began dying their own clothes. Everyone wore hip-hugging bell-bottom jeans with ankle fringe and flower patches. Peasant blouses, T-shirts, or halter tops looked good with jeans. Handmade accessories were popular as the Vietnam War worsened.

1960s skirts and dresses weren’t like those on the runway. Not since 1920s have fashion and youth defined what’s acceptable. In the 1960s, girls with good legs wore mini and micro tiny skirts, which horrified conservatives in the 1920s. In mild weather, a short skirt was worn with knee-high boots; in summer, sandals. Dresses either were short and body-skimming or long and loose. A peasant outfit resembled a Renaissance girl, with ribbons as in hair and on the frock. Flowers, too.


Floral and tie-dye were popular hippie patterns, but there were others. Colourful outfits included:

  1. Psychedelics
  2. OPA
  3. Paisley
  4. Bands (even the bell-bottoms)
  5. Flower power

Hippie Stoner Clothes: Flowers were indicative of the hippie movement; they’re now a cliché or joke. Flowers everywhere expressed peace and love. Tops and dresses had floral motifs, and skirts and pants had flower patches. Flowers were put in hair and painted on faces. Hippies believed it was necessary to display natural beauty in the face of world ugliness.

Hippie Stoner Clothes

Accessories Hippies

Hippie Stoner Clothes: 1960s hippy clothes was simple. Women’s jeweler was largely handmade or influenced by nature and Native American motifs. Beads and peace-sign necklaces were trendy. Hippies loved music, therefore musical jewellery was popular. Some women wore bell necklaces and ankle bracelets. Many hippies preferred to go barefoot, especially on the warm west coast. Pedicures weren’t popular.

Hippies’ Impact

Hippie Stoner Clothes: This wasn’t the first time a youth movement influenced fashion, but it had the biggest impact. Designers took cues from young people, and American women were no longer dictated to by the fashion business. Women who established their own style in the 1960s have passed it on to young daughters.

Hippie Fashion

Hippie Stoner Clothes: Whether you’re going to a fancy dress party or changing your style, appearing like a hippie isn’t hard; one of the foundations of being a hippie is that natural is beautiful, and your hippie clothes are an opportunity to express yourself, not enhance yourself. Here are some hippie-style tips.

Waist-Up Hippie-flying

  1. Donate clothes. Visit thrift stores, flea markets, and garage sales. You can find “hippie” apparel in New Age stores and on eBay, but the objective of hippie fashion was to quit buying what major businesses sold and instead buy worn clothing locally.
  2. If you can sew your own clothes, that’s even better. A little effort goes a long way when sewing garments; anything you manufactured gets you more credit than something you anonymously bought.
  3. Hippie clothes should have muted colours and delicate floral motifs.
  4. Wear natural, flowy shirts. A plain tee can work if you add accessories, but choose faded, aged, or used tees. Wear a light, cotton bra without underwire or padding, or don’t wear one.

 Hipsters wear ironic and retro tees, but you can too. If you wish to branch out, try these alternatives:

  1. Wear tie-dyed tops. Occasionally, they’re a terrific option.
  2. Dashikis give vibrancy and tribal designs to dreary outfits.
  3. Hippies love beautiful, long-sleeved peasant blouses because they’re not fussy.

Try a jacket. Vests are wonderful for layering. In the 1960s, suede fringe vests were popular for men and women. This shouts “hippie” Any vest should work:

  • Versus
  •  Monochromatic
  • versus.
  • Floral
  • Beaded

4.Hippie Stoner Clothes: Pick a jacket carefully. There are more hippie jacket styles than the original vintage denim. Embroidery, beads, and patterned trim are nice. Leather, suede, sheepskin, and fur are all fair game (unless you’re an animal-loving hippie). Some situations call for an army jacket, but hippies may misinterpret it. You might embroider peaceful slogans on it.

Hoodies are comfortable, but not hippie-like. In a pinch, you can wear them, but not often. Use older coats. Newer tees can fit into a hippy outfit, but coats are harder. Hippie Stoner Clothes: Get ripped denim shorts. Fray, rip, or tear your old ones (it’s not essential). Males, cutoff old jeans. Females can make short shorts using used jeans. Grungier is preferable, especially for guys. You don’t care for pressed clothes. Ladies, use your alternatives. Female bottoms have many additional uses. Utilize! Weather permitting, you have numerous possibilities. Consider:

  1. Flowing skirts (think gypsy style)
  2. Sundresses, tunics
  3. Mini or microskirt (especially if paired with above-the-knee boots).
  4. Men wore robes and skirts, too. Menskirts exist. Whatever your gender, wear what feels right.


  1. Choose sandals or flip-flops. When not barefoot, hippies wear flat sandals. Shirt, shoes, service.
  2. Birkenstocks are hippy sandals. They’re cork-soled and leather-topped.
  3. Consider leather flip-flops. They’re easy to wear with dresses and skirts.
  4. Wear hippy boots. In inclement weather or to spruce up an outfit, try boots. Hippie boots are suede or leather and can double as booties.
  5. Hippies wear moccasins. Comfortable moccasins of any style will do. Moccasins often have beadwork.


Hippie Stoner Clothes: Wear artisan jeweler. Make your own for hippie points. Jewelry-making articles. Hippie jeweler includes:

  1. Macramé and beaded necklaces
  2. Rocks
  3. Seashells
  4. Peace-charms
  5. Ethnic-style earrings

Hippie Stoner Clothes: Belt-up. Wide leather, peace-sign, or chain belts work well. DIY or vintage is OK. DIYers can tie a shoelace through their belt loops and then tie a bow. This is a terrific tactic male hippies employ when they don’t want to buy a belt. Fringe your clothes if you don’t mind. Fringe anything you can. In the past, pants, shirts, vests, and jackets were fringed. Face-paint and  embroider your garments. Embroidered flowers, stars, birds, and messages like “love” and “peace” Anti-war activists wear American flag patches, pins, and motifs. Face paint is festive. Ankle bells. You’ll be heard a mile away, but authentic! (especially for females). Ankle bells were anklets with bells. Enjoyable?

Go for grandma glasses. The 1950s had thick, black-rimmed glasses (or are we talking about hipsters today?). These glasses were petite and half-moon-shaped. If history repeats, then these! Think John Lennon shades. Those people. Hippies lacked peripheral vision.

Hippie Stoner Clothes

Hippie Stoner Clothes:  Hippie Hair, Makeup

  1. Grow hair. Long hair is common for men and women. Because you won’t cut it! Clean (you still bathe!) is enough. Hippies sometimes look “artfully unkempt.” Whatever your follicles want, rock your mop. Grow your beards, men.
  2.  Headband-up. Wear your headband horizontally, not vertically, and add a flower (a daisy is classic). If you really want a feather in your hair quite permanently or don’t enjoy dying a flower, use a flower clip with your headband. Make your own headband with string. Cotton or other inelastic thread may create a scar on your forehead if worn long enough.
  3. Minimal hairstyle. Long hair is low-maintenance. No chemicals! Less is more. Leave men’s facial hair untamed. Put your hair in a low ponytail, two low ponytails, or a braid.
  4. If you can, obtain dreadlocks. If you can pull off dreadlocks, they’re worth it. They’re handmade. They’re semi-permanent, so make absolutely sure you’re dedicated.
  5. Minimize makeup. Go bare for women. A little black kohl around the eyes is fine. Avoid lipstick and bright colors. You’re a planet child.