Get Ready To Blaze It Up With Unique Cannabis Themed T-Shirts

As we already mentioned, cannabis t-shirts are a great way to show off your love of this wonderful plant. There are many types of designs you can find, from funny sayings to pictures that relate to the season or event you wanted to celebrate!

Most people start buying their own collection as they learn more about the product and what brands exist. Then, they begin matching up and mixing and matching for fun looks!

There are several ways to source high quality tees with cannabis themes. Some will have you pick between brand name shirts or ones manufactured by a company that specializes in marijuana clothing. No matter which type of shirt you choose, make sure it is comfortable and thick enough to keep warm while showing some cool logos!

But before you start shopping, there are two things needed. First, you’ll need a place to store all of your t-shirts. Second, you’ll want to know how to care for them so they last longer!

Care tips here! We have gathered some helpful information about storing and washing t-shirts to ensure they stay looking fresh for as long as possible.

Next, you need to pick a design for the t-shirts

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There are so many ways to source unique cannabis themed clothing. You can make your own or find online stores that let you customize their designs as they’re being printed!

Some great sources to look into are CafeMellow.com, Zazzle.com, and Teespring.com. These sites have lots of different styles of shirts with varying details and logos that fit their theme well.

They’ve got plenty of options for men and women, kids and adults, casuals and dressy clothes.

Third, you need to make the t-shirts

Get Ready to Blaze It Up with Unique Cannabis Themed T-Shirts

Creating your own unique cannabis themed tees is something that any creative person can do! There are many ways to approach this depending on what kind of designs you like and how much money you have to invest in equipment.

Most people start by searching through sites or buying pre-made t shirts to see if there are any good ideas they can use for inspiration. By doing this, you will save lots of time and energy creating your own design!

There are several easy ways to get started making cannabis related clothing. You can either find vendors online or at local dispensaries where you live who may offer discounts or coupons on their products.

By going into these locations with an open mind, you will likely stumble upon some new designs or materials that can be adapted and improved upon.

Fourth, you need to buy the right size shirts

Get Ready to Blaze It Up with Unique Cannabis Themed T-Shirts

As we mentioned before, t-shirts are some of the most popular fashion items in this society. They are easy to make or purchase online! There are many brands that offer cannabis themed clothing such as logos, quotes, and designs.

You do not have to wear all of them at once but if you like one, why not? Luckily, there is a way to keep up with the trends while also keeping it casual.

Tops are more versatile than pants so instead of buying a long sleeve shirt, get a short sleeve one! This will give you more options for layering.

Never underestimate the power of a white t-shirt either! A plain color can be re-styled and re-designed constantly. You are always in control how you dress yourself, which makes coming out every day an option.

Overall, investing in some good quality t-shirts is a great way to refresh your wardrobe and show off your new found love for marijuana.

Fifth, you need to find a partner in crime

Get Ready to Blaze It Up with Unique Cannabis Themed T-Shirts

As mentioned before, finding appropriate t-shirts is half of designing your collection. Luckily, there are many ways to do that! You can make or search for design templates online or use apps such as Canva to create and edit your designs yourself.

Most people begin by looking up funny, clever, and/or motivational t-shirt quotes but this is not enough! While it may be fun to look at, these will not help you build your unique cannabis themed tee business.

You must also find out what products other companies are offering so that you can either buy them or research how to make them yourself! This way, you get a good product and supporting your community is made much easier.

Lastly, if you have someone who already has an ecommerce site, try buying some items from their store to add value to your company.

Sixth, you need to make the t-shirts your partner in crime makes

Get Ready to Blaze It Up with Unique Cannabis Themed T-Shirts

As discussed earlier, making shirts is not easy. Even more difficult is designing them and finding appropriate material to use. Luckily, there are many online resources that can help!

There are several great sites where you can find or create cannabis themed clothing. You do not have to make all of the designs yourself, some companies offer pre designed products that can be customized with their platform.

Some examples of such sites include: Teespring, Lockerdome, RedBubble, and Manymore like us here at Weedwist! All of these sites allow you to design and sell your own clothes, just take care of business management (orders, payments, etc) for it.

Seventh, you need to sell the t-shirts

Get Ready to Blaze It Up with Unique Cannabis Themed T-Shirts

As with anything else related to your business, you will not see it succeed unless you are willing to put in effort to market them and promote yourself for these shirts. Creating an online shop is one of the most accessible ways to do this. You can use free tools to create an account then design and source t-shirt material and upload all three onto a website and marketing platform that allows you to list and sell products!

Some examples of such sites include Shopify, Facebook Marketplace, and Etsy. Once your shop is live, you must actively be promoting it by putting up pictures of the merchandise, responding to comments asking about the product, and writing some quick descriptions.

Active social media engagement is a key way to draw attention to your t-shirt store and generate sales.

Eighth, you need to repeat steps 1-7

Get Ready to Blaze It Up with Unique Cannabis Themed T-Shirts

In addition to finding an appropriate t-shirt pattern and size, it is very important to find unique cannabis themed clothing designs! There are many ways to do this. You can look up popular logos that represent marijuana or hemp products, create your own graphic design using Photoshop or other software, or go about it in another way completely.

The easiest way to make sure your new shirt will be noticed is by creating your own unique graphics! If you have some basic skills in photoshop or illustrator, you can easily add in your favorite weed plants or brands.

For example, if you love the flower pot shape of the Northern Lights brand then you could draw a circle with that style as a parent item and include their logo in the middle. Then, use the leaf part as a child object and place it anywhere on the shirt for effect.

Ninth, you need to find your muse

Get Ready to Blaze It Up with Unique Cannabis Themed T-Shirts

As mentioned earlier, finding your creative passion is the first step towards creating art that expresses who you are as an artist. What kind of artwork excites you? How do they make you feel? If there’s nothing exciting about it, then why would people buy it?

Your artistic style will evolve over time, but being in touch with your inner creativity can be tricky.

A lot of people get stuck when trying to create because they don’t know what genre their art belongs in or what styles appeal to them.

Don’t worry! You have just enough information here to start brainstorming.

Thinking about how cannabis makes you feel can help inspire your next design. Are there specific designs or types of clothing that motivate you? Looking through your own collection may also give you some ideas.

Most importantly though, be honest with yourself. Your internal process should be open and not focused too much on what things look like yet.