Cleverly Designed Cannabis T-Shirts At Affordable Prices

As cannabis legalization marches forward around the world, it is becoming increasingly popular to show off your love for the drug by sporting weed t-shirts or even clothing that actually contain marijuana!

There are many ways to dress in cannabis fashion, from simple shirts with funny sayings to elaborate designs incorporating plants and botany.

Some people design their clothes specifically to convey a message, while other’s creative talents run wild! Either way, it is totally fine to enjoy fashion inspired by cannabis as long as you know what rules apply.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best cheap t-shirt ideas designed to praise the green leafed goodness of cannabis.

Second, you need to find the right design

Cleverly Designed Cannabis T-Shirts at Affordable Prices

As seen with marijuana fashion trends before now, creating t-shirt designs for cannabis is full of fun and variety. There are many ways to approach designing your shirt or sweatshirt!

You can choose to make it funny, inspirational, romantic, or just plain weird and crazy. Fun prints like nature themes, fruits and vegetables, and geometrical shapes are all great starting points for developing your own unique style.

The hardest part about choosing what kind of design to go into is deciding if something is too much. Some people may not agree with cannabis as an ingredient, so there are lots of printed shirts that feature neutral colors with no plants in them.

If someone doesn’t understand why one product contains THC then they will probably think that this t-shirt is very misleading.

Third, you need to find the right color combination

Cleverly Designed Cannabis T-Shirts at Affordable Prices

As mentioned before, finding the correct cannabis t-shirt colors can be tricky. There are several theories about what colors work and do not work when it comes to clothing designs for marijuana. Some say that bright colors like red, orange, or yellow function as strong logos so they use them to design clothes. Others believe that these strong colors attract too much attention, which may scare away some people.

The opposite is true of darker shades such as blues, greens, and purples. These colors are known to promote tranquility and relaxation. So, if you know someone who does not use cannabis because they cannot separate the effects from the drug itself, get some t-shirts with dark colors to help conceal the product.

Fourth, choose a quality over a brand

Cleverly Designed Cannabis T-Shirts at Affordable Prices

As seen with most things, there are good versions of anything and poor ones. Just because it is branded as “the best” does not make it so! There are many companies that have catchy slogans and flashy designs that cost a lot to produce, making them expensive t-shirts or products.

They may be very well designed and appealing to others, but they are also expensive to manufacture which adds up in the long run.

There are some companies out there that will put forth the effort into creating their product to the highest standards, even if it takes them longer to complete. These types of businesses tend to keep costs down by producing ourselves!

They can source materials more cheaply than large corporations that have internal departments for marketing and design.

By investing in your own personal branding, you can create an audience who trusts you and comes back for your content.

Fifth, pay attention to the details

Cleverly Designed Cannabis T-Shirts at Affordable Prices

As seen with the marijuana t-shirt market before now, it is easy to make fun of cannabis clothing. Many have criticized weed shirts for being too expensive or having poor quality designs.

However, there are some clever ways that brands manage their price points while still staying within legal limits. For example, many use lower weight cotton material in fabric to reduce costs.

Alternatively, they will mix and match materials such as sweatshirts and tank tops to create an overall cost effective product.

Sixth, buy your t-shirt from a reputable website

Cleverly Designed Cannabis T-Shirts at Affordable Prices

There are several sites that sell high quality cannabis clothing. Many of these companies have you choose an account to purchase products through their site, which can be done free of charge.

Some require you to add additional credit cards to ensure payment is not stolen, but this is only necessary if you are very concerned about security.

Seventh, wear with underwear

Cleverly Designed Cannabis T-Shirts at Affordable Prices

While not totally necessary unless you are very hot or cold, wearing tights under your cannabis shirt is a cool way to show off your fashion flair! If possible, choose darker colored tights as this will be concealed by your body shape.

For women who like a little more coverage than men’s dress shirts, this can also be an easy solution to conceal some of those lovely muscles. For extra credit, use black tights to make it look even better!

This article has focused so far on how to layer up under your clothes, but don’t forget about the outside.

Eighth, wear with pants

Cleverly Designed Cannabis T-Shirts at Affordable Prices

As seen in the above t-shirt, this is one of the best ways to layer up your wardrobe while still showing off some cool designs. This way, you can either dress down or dress up for whatever activity you have planned!

The underlayer helps balance out the skin’s natural oils and keeps yourself warm, which are important as most people who smoke marijuana in t-shirts already know.

Furthermore, wearing white t-shirts with black jeans is an easy way to look professional without being too formal. Add some red lipstick and you are good to go!

8th tip – fashion trick number three: mix and match

This goes along with our first tip about finding new clothes that fit you — try mixing and matching pieces from different styles or brands.

T-shirts are very versatile so why not use them to express yourself? There are no rules when it comes to clothing, so if there was one clear advice it would be to never feel like you need to stick to the norms.

Ninth, wear with shoes

Cleverly Designed Cannabis T-Shirts at Affordable Prices

As mentioned before, t-shirts are a versatile piece of clothing that can be styled many different ways. They are particularly helpful in cannabis fashion because you can easily dress up or down the shirt depending on your look. For example, if you want to look more casual, then go without jewelry and use the shirt as an additional layer. If you would like to add some glam, then accessorize accordingly!

Tobacco style shirts are very popular in the cannabis community. These have large leaf patterns on the front and back which resemble tobacco leaves. Many people associate this pattern with smoking weed so it is an easy way to convey this message.

However, these t-shirts are slightly less expensive than other styles. This is due to the fact that they are not printed with catchy phrases but instead just leaves alone. However, they are still effective and true representations of the marijuana culture.

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