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Marijuana Clothing

Weed Clothing Brands: With the emergence of eco-friendly fashion, cannabis clothes are becoming increasingly trendy. Hemp apparel. Hemp’s history is tangled, as it was once hugely popular but fell out of favour when cotton took off in the United States. Hemp, on the other hand, is making a comeback because of the rise of eco-friendly clothes. Look at this fiber, will we? If you’re interested in hemp apparel, check out these eight hemp fashion brands.

What Is Hemp, And How Does It Differ From Other Forms Of Cannabis? Weed Clothing Brands

Weed Clothing Brands: Many people associate hemp with marijuana when they hear the word. Cannabis sativa is the parent plant of both hemp and marijuana, however there are two major differences between the two. Tetrahydrocannabinol (commonly known as THC) concentrations (the ingredient that causes a marijuana user to feel “euphoric”). Whether or not something is legal. Paper, plastic, rope, or other building materials can be made from hemp, which has a THC concentration of less than 0.3 percent and is hence lawful to grow. Hemp apparel, long out of style, is making a comeback thanks to this fiber.

What Is Hemp

A Brief Overview Of Hemp’s History: Weed Clothing Brands

Weed Clothing Brands: Hemp is a plant with deep roots that date back to as far as 8000 BC. Hemp has been cultivated in China for the greatest period of time, and its fibres have been woven into clothes and even used to create paper. Hemp, which originated in China, quickly expanded throughout the rest of the world and also was utilized not only for the production of clothes but also of sails and ropes for ships. It is reported that 8,400 acres of hemp were grown in the United States by the year 1915; 6,500 of those acres were located in the state of Kentucky, while the other 2,000 acres were distributed among the states of Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, and California together. In 1917, the domestic production of hemp was raised to 41,200 acres by the states of Minnesota, South Dakota, Michigan, Kansas, Iowa, and Illinois. This was in response to the fibre scarcity that occurred during World War I.

The Shadowing Outcome Of Hemp In The United States

Weed Clothing Brands: However, as cotton became more popular and oil & steel magnates began to push hemp aside as a rival resource, the use of hemp gradually began to decrease. By the beginning of the next century, hemp’s reputation had already begun to suffer as a direct result of its association with marijuana. The Marijuana Tax Act was enacted in 1937 and placed a tax on the sale of all cannabis products, including hemp. This served to discourage the cultivation of cannabis.

As of today, following the passage of the 2018 Farm Bill, it is now possible for hemp to be legally farmed as an agricultural product across 46 states so long as the THC concentration of the hemp does not exceed 0.3 percent. This is fantastic news for environmentally responsible design because hemp can be used in such a diverse range of applications.

Is Hemp Fabric A Sustainable Fashion Choice?

Weed Clothing Brands: Because the fashion industry leaves such a large imprint on our earth, there is an immediate need to make our closets more environmentally friendly, which means that brands and labels are moving towards sustainable processes and textiles. This is when clothes made from hemp come in handy. It is a terrific choice not just for people who are vegan but also for people who are eco-conscious because it is a fabric that is made from plants and is sustainable. Growing hemp does not require a lot of liquid, it does not drain the soil of essential nutrients, and it can be sowed multiple times throughout the year. Hemp can be cultivated virtually everywhere. Because it is a natural insecticide as well as a natural repellant, it does not require use of pesticide or artificial fertilisers. Its extensive roots also serve to minimise soil erosion. In addition to this, it is capable of decomposing naturally and functioning as just a carbon sink, which is a natural process that absorbs & stores co2 from the air.

How Is It That Hemp Becomes Fabric For Clothes?

Weed Clothing Brands: Because almost the entire hemp plant may be utilised, including the stalk, the seeds, and the leaves, growing hemp does not result in any unnecessary agricultural waste. The leaves are used to make juice, while the seeds are extracted for their oil, which is then put to use in the production of paints, adhesives, and plastics. The inner, more woody layer of a stalk can be utilised to manufacture paper or materials for construction, while the outward bast fibre layer is used to make rope and yarn.

The first step in producing the cloth is to separate the inner stalks from the outer stalks. This will be done using scissors. This process is referred to as retting. After that, the outer bast fibres are spun together to create yarn, which can later be woven into fabric. Following the step of dying the fibre, the next step is to stitch it into various items such as shirts, slacks, skirts, jackets, or even shoes.

Weed Clothing Brands: Hemp fabric has been used for the manufacture of clothes for many millennia. Hemp clothing is making a resurgence now that more conscientious shoppers are looking for alternatives to conventional fashion that are sustainable and friendly to the environment. The following is a list of several brands that you should keep an eye out for in order to stock your closet with more sustainable options.

8 Sustainable Hemp Clothing Brands 

United By Blue: Clothing That Cleans Up The Earth

One of the goals of United In Blue is to remove rubbish from waterways and oceans across the country. United By Blue donates one pound of rubbish to be removed from the oceans and rivers for every product sold. Hemp clothing for men and women is available at United by Blue.

Groceries Apparel

Groceries Apparel: Hemp Clothes Made In America

Groceries Apparel uses eco-friendly materials to offer a bold touch to casual style. These garments provide buyers with a level of comfort and confidence that comes from knowing that their clothing is manufactured in the United States. All of Groceries Apparel’s hemp clothing is available in both unisex and female sizes.

Valani: Whimsical Style

Vanni Leung, the company’s founder, sought to create clothing that would help the environment. Valani, her sustainable, vegan, and plant-based apparel label, does just that. Fabric waste is kept to a minimum because to the thoughtful patterning employed by Valani. If there are any leftover bits, they can be made into scrunchies or used to stuff cushions and plush animals. Hemp clothes for ladies by Valani includes dresses, tops, bottoms, and scrunchies.

Patagonia: Outdoor Sustainable Goods

Weed Clothing Brands: All of Patagonia’s products are designed to help you get out into the outdoors, but they also aim to safeguard it. Hemp clothing is part of Patagonia’s commitment to zero waste, lower emissions, and environmentally friendly products. All of Patagonia’s hemp clothing, from shirts to shorts to overalls, is available to both men and women.

Thought: Eclectic Style

A firm called Thought thinks that fashion & sustainability go hand-in-hand, and this is evident in their designs. Sustainable fashion can just be enjoyable, as evidenced by their daring looks. For both men and women, Thought offers hemp-based clothing styles.

Toad & Co: Pioneers Of Eco-Friendly Clothing

Since its humble origins in 1991 in Telluride, Colorado, Toad & Co. has grown tremendously over the years. As a leading supplier of hemp clothes for men and women, its primary focus is on environmental sustainability. If you want your product to come in reusable packaging, you can choose this shipping option.

Aliya Wanek: Black Owned Sustainable Fashion

Weed Clothing Brands: Founded and owned by a Black woman, the Aliya Wanek sustainable fashion brand’s objective is to design and produce comfortable, fashionable apparel that is both environmentally friendly and socially responsible. Whenever possible, Aliya works with small Bay Area factories and independent contractors to produce & dye her products, always keeping an eye out for methods to minimise the brand’s environmental effect during production. Shop Aliya Wanek’s hemp and organic cotton tees and sweats.

Wama Hemp Underwear: Weed Clothing Brands

Weed Clothing Brands: WAMA, a brand that specialises in hemp underpants for men and women, is here to help you remember what’s beneath your clothes. They’re a Green America-certified company with a focus on high-quality, long-lasting vegan products and environmentally and socially responsible business methods.

Bonus: Hemp Shoes

Bonus: Hemp Shoes

Weed Clothing Brands: Innovative ecological footwear brand, 8000Kicks, creates high-quality hemp shoes. These vegan sneakers are robust, flexible, lightweight, and water-resistant. The promo code HONEST entitles you to a 10% discount on all hemp shoes purchased.

Weed Clothing Brands: Hemp clothing is better for the environment, but it is also better for you. Hemp fabric, as a natural textile, blocks UV rays and is beneficial for your skin. Having hemp apparel in your wardrobe means you’ll be striking out in style while also doing your part to help the environment and yourself.