Bold And Stylish Cannabis T-Shirts For Any Occasion

As cannabis becomes more socially acceptable, it is important to find comfortable clothing that expresses your style and level of dedication to the plant. Thankfully, t-shirts are one of the most popular garments you can pick up at any mall or online store.

There are many brands that offer stylish marijuana related designs such as logos, sayings, and patterns. Many of these brands cater to both casual and frequent users alike by offering light weight shirts that can be easily washed.

While some people may feel self conscious wearing less dressy clothes while smoking weed, others enjoy the relaxed feeling that comes with their use.

Show your pride

As we know, cannabis is easily accessible these days with most major retailers carrying it in some form or another. People have different ideas of what kind of products are needed to enjoy marijuana however.

Some people prefer flower over oils or salves. Some like pre-rolled joints while others appreciate rolling their own. There are also various ways to consume cannabis such as smoking, dabbing (vaporizing), or eating it.

Whatever way you choose to use marijuana, there is an important thing to remember! No matter what type of t-shirt you have, how it is styled, or what company printed onto it, you must always wash them before wearing them!

Cannabis will not work properly if it does not completely soak into your skin. This could cause health problems or worse, an allergic reaction. Companies that print onto clothing usually use special chemicals to dryly coat the surface which is safe but may hurt your skin when wet.

We recommend washing your shirt at least once before going out so it can fully rinse off any residues.

Relax and enjoy

Bold and Stylish Cannabis T-Shirts for Any Occasion

Strolling through a dispensary with your favorite cannabis t-shirt is an excellent way to show off how devoted you are to this medicine. Not only do they make great souvenirs, but they also let people know about your passion for cannabis!

Most dispensaries have at least one collection of well-designed t-shirts that feature their brands or fun designs. If you can’t find anything you like, create yours by mixing and matching colors and patterns so it stands out from the rest.

Cannabis fashion definitely comes in trends, so stay up-to-date on current styles to look cool.

Hemp prints

Bold and Stylish Cannabis T-Shirts for Any Occasion

Printed t-shirts are one of the most popular ways to layer up your look. They’re unique, sleek, and fashionable!

Most people know that you can buy printed clothing from just about any store but there is an incredible opportunity to create your own unique designs without too much investment or time.

Hemp print shirts are one of our favorite new trends. Not only do they look cool, not only do they flaunt their beautiful texture and pattern, but also gurus have spoken about how healthful hemp is!

It may sound weird but there are actually lots of brands that use processed hemp fibers in their clothes. It’s kind of like eating spinach because it happens naturally. 😉

Here at The Growery, we love adding some green into our lives by shopping ethically and supporting businesses that share our values. So, here are some tips for making your own hemp t-shirt patterns!

What are we talking about?

We’re going to talk about how to make cannabis leaf t-shirts and why this style is so famous now. Then, we’ll discuss some easy recipes for dyeing cotton t-shirts using natural materials such as vegetables and flowers.

After that, we’ll review some clever tricks used to add more realism to the plant images. We’ll include information and pictures about where to source quality dyeings and what products work best to match the colors of marijuana.

Design a theme

Bold and Stylish Cannabis T-Shirts for Any Occasion

Stylist are famous for their ability to create strong themes that they then build off of to make other styles or products. By having an overarching style, you can pick and choose pieces from here and there to add in to your own unique look!

The easiest way to begin designing t-shirts with cannabis as the focus is to search through sites and see what designs have been made before. Some people will even upload their own designs so you could also find free t-shirt inspiration.

Once you have found a design you like, take some time to analyze how the colors were balanced, what textures were used, and if anything was missing such as logos or rhinestones.

Tell a story

Bold and Stylish Cannabis T-Shirts for Any Occasion

A cannabis t-shirt tell a story! Whether it is about your favorite strain, your loved one that inspired you to start smoking or even just your personal journey with marijuana, these shirts let people know what you like and why.

A great way to show off your love of weed is by matching your shirt to the season and setting. For example, if you enjoy vaping then spring time and summer are perfect seasons to match up a long sleeve vape t-shirt.

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Be witty

Bold and Stylish Cannabis T-Shirts for Any Occasion

While t-shirts are a casual staple, they can also be a way to show off your personal style or advertise yourself or your company. With cannabis now being legalized across America, there is no reason why you cannot add some fashionable flair by matching different shirts with your pot smoking habits.

There are many types of t-shirts that feature marijuana as part of the design or theme of the shirt. Some have it as an ingredient in various recipes, while others use the plant as a fashion statement or even symbolize the legalization of cannabis!

A popular type of t-shirt is one that features the plain word “Marijuana” along with the name of a state and city where it is legal to consume it. These kind of designs are clever because they emphasize both the benefits of marijuana and the fact that it is now decriminalized or legally accessible in your area!

Themed tees like this are very catchy and will get constant re-viewing due to its humor and symbolism.

Pick a brand

Bold and Stylish Cannabis T-Shirts for Any Occasion

Now that you have found your favorite cannabis brands, it is time to start looking up where to purchase them! There are several ways to do this depending on your budget and needs. You can visit dispensaries in your area to see if they carry any merchandise from those brands or even go online and look around at different stores and websites.

Some sellers will advertise directly through social media or other channels so make sure to check out those! By doing some of these research strategies, you will know what products exist and how much inventory each company has. This helps determine which companies are still growing and need more exposure!

And lastly, you can always create your own store on one of the many online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, or Shopify.

Think about the message you want to send

Bold and Stylish Cannabis T-Shirts for Any Occasion

As we already mentioned, t-shirts are some of the most versatile fashion items out there! They can be worn at almost any time, and with anything. What this means is that you do not have to worry too much about what size or style shirt you need to match your clothes with whatever goal you have.

As seen in our cannabis t-shirt reviews, hemp clothing is very popular these days. Many brands offer classic long sleeve shirts made from organic cotton or natural fibers. These are ideal for people who like formal dress codes and/or casual wear.

For more relaxed looks, look no further than our collection of funny t-shirts! With clever sayings and humorous pictures, you will never run out of inspiration how to put them together to create new outfits!

But before choosing which ones to buy, think about the message you want to send and what kind of lifestyle you want to convey. For example, if you want to show off your love for nature, get a t-shirt with lots of green plants or flowers. If you enjoy making healthy food, pick out a cookbook or picture showing off your culinary skills!

A great way to promote self-confidence is looking into the mirror and trying on different styles and colors of t-shirts.

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